WIA Interview Ekaterina Bredikhina

New speaker aboard

We are happy proud to have great speakers aboard on ONLINE Women in Agile Europe 2020 !
One of these is Ekaterina Bredikhina. Katja is lead trainer of eduScrum Russia. Get to know Katja by reading her profile on the WomenInAgile.eu website and watching this short video we made for you.


In our WIA interview series we ask speakers three questions

  • Who are you and what is your expertise?
  • What will attendants learn in your workshop?
  • Why are you looking forward to WIAEU2020 conference?

Early Bird Coupon

As Katja just joined our agenda, as part of our “early bird bus tour” we are re-opening the coupon code RUSSIA10 for people from Russia who want to join the conference. It is 10% off and valid until 25th of October 2020.

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