Get your ticket for the PRAGUE Women in Agile Europe 2024 on September 18th.

Bring a Friend

When you buy this ticket you'll receive a coupon code for your friend. With this coupon code, your friend can ‘buy' her own ‘PRAGUE Women in Agile Europe 2024 ‘ ticket for free.

For 255 Euro you'll get for Two Attendees:

  • access to the IN PERSON conference in Prague on September 18th 2024.
  • pre-conference info
  • material shared after the conference
  • material shared by speakers when they opt to only share with attendees only (via logging in on this website, possible until 2024-02-29)

In the week before the IN PERSON conference, you'll receive an email with details for participating.

You will be the first to hear from us 😉

At the day of the IN PERSON conference, you will find the program on, and on walls on the conference location.

There is no need to log in to the website to view the program,  actually the website will be much faster when you are logged out.

When you need a receipt:

After completing the transaction, you can login on , and will see your account information.
Your address and company name are optional, When you fill them in, they will show up on your receipt.
(On the Payments tab of Your Account you will see your payment, and a link to download the invoice as pdf).
As we are a foundation, we charge no taxes (VAT).

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